WHITEPAPER – SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Technical Reference Guide

If you haven’t read this whitepaper, read it now.


This is a comprehensive upgrade guide that details all aspects of planning for and implementing an upgrade from your SQL 7.0/2000 to SQL 2005.


In this 360 page whitepaper, you will learn about:


  • Supported upgrade paths

  • Planning your upgrade to SQL 2005, both in-place and side-by-side

  • Backwards compatibility considerations

  • Upgrade tools like Upgrade Advisor

  • Strategies for minimizing upgrade downtime

  • Upgrading failover cluster installations

  • Log shipping upgrade considerations and planning

  • Upgrading replication topologies

  • Special considerations for very large databases

  • Security considerations

  • Upgrading Full text catalogs

  • Reporting Services upgrade considerations and methods

  • DTS to SSIS upgrade


A must read if you plan to have a smooth upgrade to SQL 2005. Read it here.


Happy reading!


POSTED BY : Sanchan Saxena

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