Get technical support from Microsoft

Please note that we do not provide technical support through our blog.


However, here is a list of several support options that you can explore:


Self Help

Microsoft has compiled excellent resources - how-tos, troubleshooting articles, service pack downloads, product information - for you to leverage in troubleshooting your issues.


We would recommend that you start with the following SQL Server Solution Centers:


Leverage Microsoft Communities

You can also leverage several community support options – newsgroups, forums, user groups - to resolve your issues.


You can try them out by visiting here.


Contact Microsoft Support Professionals

Microsoft offers a wide variety of custom, packaged, and self-help choices to support businesses, IT professionals, developers, home users, and our partners.


These support options provide direct access to our expert technical resources, helping you minimize your risks and maximize the benefits of your Microsoft technology investment.


Check out our support offerings page for a complete list of offerings, with the support telephone numbers.


For international support options outside of US, please visit our international support page.


Contact Microsoft Corporation

If you wish to contact Microsoft for any reason (other than technical support), please refer to the Contact Us page to check out several available options.



NOTE – for a complete and updated list of support channels, please visit our Support page.



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  1. Rowlandg says:

    The level of support I’m getting from Microsoft these days just isn’t useful. Are there other options like 3rd party companies taking up the slack similar to the Open Source community?

  2. ... says:

    ..Rather helpful information you have here. Grazie!

  3. ... says:

    The information I found here was rather helpful. Thank you for this.

  4. When you are trying to install SP1 you may see “Unexpected error” message. This error message will appear

  5. Yes, you heard it right.


    If you have run into an issue with SQL Server and feel that it is a…

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