WSFC Cluster Configuration on Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Windows Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) are currently in preview at SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery solutions are supported on Windows Azure VMs.

For AlwaysOn Availability Groups, there is currently no support for availability group listeners in Windows Azure. Also, you must work around a DHCP limitation in Windows Azure when creating Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) clusters in Windows Azure. For more information, see Configuring Windows Failover Cluster in Windows Azure for AlwaysOn Availability Groups.

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  1. Monish Nagisetty says:

    Does the above workaround rescind the statement made here (…/jj156165.aspx) regarding SQL Clustering not being supported in Windows Azure?

  2. Cephas Lin says:

    Hi Monish,

    The statement made at your link is "Currently, there is no support for SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances in Windows Azure Virtual Machines. In addition, you cannot use the Windows Server Failover Clustering for any purposes except the SQL Server Always On Availability Groups without Listeners."

    This statement still stands because SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances is still not supported on Windows Azure, and AlwaysOn AVailability Groups is supported on Windows Azure but without the listener, as the statement suggests. Other HADR solutions supported in Windows Azure are database mirroring, log shipping, etc. For more dicussion on this, see…/jj870962.aspx.

  3. Amanda Whaley says:

    Any updates on when Availability Listeners will be available in Azure?

    Thanks –

  4. Indu says:

    I am unable to add another node to cluster, did anyone encounter the error.




    Verify that cluster is present after creation

    Bring offline the cluster name resource

    Cluster Name

    Get all IP addresses associated with cluster group

    Found 1 IP addresses

    Bringing all IPs offline

    Cluster IP Address

    Get the first IPv4 resource

    Removing all IPs except one IPv4 resource

    Setting the cluster IP address to a link local address

    Cluster Name

    Adding other nodes to the cluster

    Report file location: C:WindowsclusterReportsAdd Node Wizard 1f4a6c18-5be2-4340-9719-c170294a6aa1 on 2014.10.13 At 2


    Add-ClusterNode : An error occurred while performing the operation.

       An error occurred while adding nodes to the cluster 'CLUSCFIT1'.

       An error occurred while adding node '' to cluster 'CLUSCFIT1'.

       This operation returned because the timeout period expired

    At D:PSCreateAzureFailoverCluster.ps1:208 char:30

    +                              Add-ClusterNode "$_" } }

    +                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Add-ClusterNode], ClusterCmdletException

       + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Add-ClusterNode,Microsoft.FailoverClusters.PowerShell.AddClusterNodeCommand

    Cluster creation finished !

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