Permissions for Job and Schedule Owners

In a previous post (Scheduling Tips and Tricks) I described how to use TSQL to create a schedule and attach it to an existing job.

In this post, I will describe what are the permissions required to create a job/schedule and attach a job to an existing schedule (owned by somebody else).

First, remember that both job and schedule are first class objects with a separate owner.

Here are the quick rules for handling objects:

- Members of sysadmin group can change objects owned by anybody (no restrictions).

- Aside from sysadmins, only members of a Sql Agent Role can perform any object operation (e.g. create/update/delete on jobs or schedules) or any other operation in Sql Agent. There are different levels of permissions for the three Sql Agent Roles.

- Besides the constraint above, there are more permissions checks on any operation on a job or schedule. Except for sysadmins, only a job owner can update or delete a job (and similar for schedule owners).

An interesting scenario is when trying to attach a job to a schedule. The current implementation is:

  • I can attach a job to a schedule only if I own both (again, with the exception of the sysadmin members).
  • I can detach a job from a schedule only if I own both.

There is a possibility that we will relax this last two rules in Sql 11. We would like to allow a job owner to attach to any schedule. Also the same should apply for detach. One nit is that sp_detach_schedule has an optional parameter to delete the schedule if nobody uses it. If selected, the caller needs to own the schedule too (just like today).

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