Enabling email notifications in the SQL Agent for Alerting & Job monitoring

 To enable email notifications in SQL Agent you will need to follow the following steps:

1. Configure Datbase Mail: create an email SMTP account and corresponding Email Profile. To do so please follow directions outlined in the blog post: "SQL Database Mail - Send Emails from SQL Server".

2. In SSMS (SQL Server Managment Studio) select SQL Server Agent node and right click on the properties (see image below). If the properties menu item is disabled than it is because your SQL Agent service is not running. Please start the Agent before accessing the properties.

Note: We do consider to allow the access to the Agent properties on not running instance as well (in one of our future releases)

3. In the properties dialog navigate to the Alert System page and in the Mail session enable mail profile. You also need to select email profile (SMTP server) that will be used for alerting and job monitoring notifcations.

 4. The most important step that people forget, it is to restart the Agent service after you done.

Note: We are considering to change it in one of our future releases. We do think that restarting the service is unnecessary step.

5. Now you can navigate to SQL Agent's Operators sub item and configure operators' emails that will be used in your alerting or jobs infrustructure.



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