How to find the ErrorLog path in SQL Server 2012

A short Tidbit about a DMV that I came across today. When,troubleshooting any issue related to SQL Server, one of the first things we ask the customer  is the SQL Server ErrorLog. Many times, we get the question, where is it located? There  are several ways to determine the path of the ErrorLog.  My fellow…


Availability Groups – My Bookmarks

    I pondered a lot of time, what should I blog about? Eventually I came up with this idea of aggregating all the links that I have collected/read about  AlwaysOn Availability Groups. Why Availability Groups?- It is the hottest topic in SQL Server 2012. Since it is a new topic, Many database administrators and system administrators…


Hello !!!!

Hello All,   My name is Karthik Yella. I work as a Premier Field Engineer  for Microsoft. Through this blog,I would like to share my experiences on various topics in SQL Server.