Upgrading to SQL 2014: Report Server version mismatch

We wanted to let you know of a potential issue that you may experience when upgrading from SQL 2012 SP2 to SQL 2014.


If you have recently upgraded your SQL Server Reporting Services instance from SQL 2012 SP2 to SQL 2014, you may hit the following error message when trying to access your report server:

The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is '163'. The expected version is '162'. (rsInvalidReportServerDatabase).


As part of a hotfix for SQL 2012 SP2 CU5, a change was made which resulted in a new ReportServer database version. Since this fix was made after the SQL2014 release, if your SQL2012 SP2 server is on CU5 or later, then it will have a higher database version than what SQL2014 RTM expects.


We are porting the fix in the next cumulative update for SQL 2014, CU7. In order to fix the version mismatch, you should install CU7 or later onto your SQL2014 instance, which will allow the Reporting Services instance to correctly recognize the new database version.


If you have not yet upgraded, you can determine whether you will run into this issue by executing the following query against your ReportServer database:

SELECT MAX([DbVersion]) FROM [dbo].[DBUpgradeHistory]


If the version is 163, then you will need to install CU7 or later after upgrading to SQL 2014.

Comments (7)

  1. zymos says:

    Great read and tip before upgrading the SSRS instance and possibly letting the cat out of the bag.

    Mariusz, thank you.

  2. mprost says:

    This is not fixed in SQL Server 2014 SP1, installing Cumulative update 2 for SQL Server 2014 SP1 fixes the problem (maybe CU1 fixes the problem as well, haven't tested).

  3. km says:

    Can confirm. I was unable to restore the encryption key with SQL Server 2014 SP1. After installing Cumulative Update 5 (latest at time) fixes the problem

  4. yelender merugu says:

    We have upgraded our mail server with TLS 1.2
    So we have upgraded our SQL Server 2012 with latest SP3 -CU5 11.0.6544.0 (X64) to support TLS 1.2 for sending mail from DB mail.
    But we faced an issue that is we can send mail from our outlook profile but not able send mail from our mail server on which we have used TLS 1.2.

    Later I applied “version 11.0.6216.27 SQL Server 2012 SP3 GDR TLS 1.2 Update” here I am able to send s the emails from internal server Through TLS 1.2 But I am facing the error “The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is ‘164’. The expected version is ‘163’. (rsInvalidReportServerDatabase)”
    How to fix the issue.
    Please help.

    1. For database mail to work with TLS 1.2, you need the fixes listed in KB3135244 under the “Additional fixes needed for SQL Server to use TLS 1.2” section.
      The ReportServer database error is related to a mismatch in the versions. I would recommend uninstalling the GDR build and applying the fix mentioned for .NET.

  5. Pratik says:

    The issue was resolved after I installed SQL Server 2012 SP3.

  6. lewin wanzer says:

    I had a similar issue with SQL 2014 SP2 using SharePoint 2013 Integrated Mode. Error Found version 162 and Expect Version 163. I ended up deleting the service application preserving the SSRS databases and then recreating the service application in SharePoint 2013. During the process of creating the service application it upgrades the databases for you. After that you need to make sure your service account has access to the databases. Good to go!

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