SQL Saturday 613: Tiger Team sessions


Tomorrow there’s an exciting SQL Saturday event at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, where the community gets together to share insights, and meet new and not so new friends. The Tiger Team is excited to be a part of the event, and will be presenting a few sessions.

At 9:45AM PST, Sunil Agarwal will be talking about “ColumnStore Index in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database”.

Session Abstract: The updateable clustered columnstore in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 offers a leading solution for your data warehouse workload with order of magnitude better data compression and query performance over traditional B-Tree based schemas. This session assumes that you understand columnstore technology basics. We will do a deep dive into (a) strategies to load data leveraging minimal logging with concurrency (b) identifying/solving performance issues with queries (c) real-world best practices of keeping columnstore humming along.

At 2:45PM PST, join Parikshit Savjani and I for a fast-paced, demo-filled session “Enhancements that will make your SQL database engine roar!” where we will be talking about the latest enhancements on scale, performance and diagnostics for the SQL Server Database Engine.

Session Abstract: Do you want to make your SQL Server engine roar and make it one of the fastest in the planet? If so, then come to this session to learn about new enhancements and advanced tuning and diagnostic options available in SQL Server 2016 database engine. As hardware capabilities increase rapidly, knowing when to use these enhancements and configuration options is extremely important to scale SQL Server for the required application workload throughput rates. In the last couple of years, SQL Tiger Team has worked closely with many customers running Tier-1 mission critical workloads to scale their SQL Server with several configuration parameters and application patterns. In this session, you will hear directly from experienced members of the Microsoft SQL Server Tiger Team, about these specific enhancements, configurations, and approaches for scaling SQL Server on the largest hardware systems available in the planet.

At the same time, our colleague Amit Banerjee will be presenting on “Building 1 million predictions per second using SQL-R”.

Looking forward to meet everyone tomorrow!

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