Several improvements to DBCC CHECKDB to make it run faster

SQL Server 2016 has introduced several improvements to DBCC CHECKDB to make it run faster. Here are links to relevant posts that talk about these changes in detail:

  1. CheckScanner using lock free design -
  2. Improvements under Extended Logical Checks -
  3. MAXDOP option - CHECKDB now introduces a MAXDOP switch that overrides server-wide ‘max degree of parallelism’ configuration setting. This is useful for OLTP environments that typically set MAXDOP 1 server-wide for OLTP workloads which also impacted in longer CHECKDB run time.


Ajay Jagannathan (@ajayMSFT)

Principal Program Manager

Comments (2)

  1. Ray Rios says:

    I am running an issue with DBCC is running 200/300 % slower on SQL Server 2016 ent edition on Win 2012 R2 server, VM ware, problem is I have a SQL Server 2012 environment in the same host and DBCC runs @ 4 minutes, when I restore the DB to SQL Server 2016 it’s finishing @ 11/12 minutes, been working on this for 3 weeks now, any ideas
    MSFT Ticket – [REG:117071116018626]

    1. Looking into it. We will work with our CSS Support engineer and follow up with you. thanks !!!

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