MSSQLTIGER and July PASS Virtual Conferences

The Tiger Team presented another session in PASS Virtual Conference: DBA Fundamentals Chapter on SQL Server Performance Baselining and Monitoring yesterday. The details of the session, links for slides and demos are mentioned below

When managing large scale deployment of SQL Server instances, it is important for DBAs to setup proactive monitoring & establishing performance baselines which helps in performance tuning, capacity planning, virtualization and migration to cloud. In this session, we demonstrate a SQL Performance Baselining and Monitoring solution leveraging out of the box tools viz system_health XEvents sessions, perfmon, powershell and SSRS to monitor large scale deployment of SQL Server instances.







Parikshit Savjani
Senior Program Manager (@talktosavjani)

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  1. Cody says:

    Your [spLoadConnectivity_ring_buffer] procedure uses int for record_id but should be a bigint; I observed it failing on my test server when trying our the script.

    1. Thanks Cody.. i fixed it in GitHub couple of days back. Thanks for reporting it

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