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  1. Frank I. says:

    We have just recently upgraded to Sql2005 from 2000.

    Our main application uses services which are written in Ms Java 6.0.  One service in particular is used very frequently to receive data over a port and enter it into the application database.  We use java and com classes in*.  In particular we use to create a Connection to the database.  We are experiencing com error "Failed remote creation of coclass com/ms/wfc/data/adodb/Connection" We are using  a connection string like "Driver={SQL Server};SERVER=FINFANTE;DATABASE=UltraCare;UID=CareUser;PWD=pwd;APP=Infinity;"

    What is happening is that after creating and using several Connections successfully, and storing data in the db successfully, then after a short period like a minute or 2, the next attempt to create a Connection fails with the com error.

    Nothing like this had ever happened with sql 2000.

    We have tried using different drivers and/or providers and are still getting the same error.

    Any clues about how to proceed debugging would be greatly appreciated.

  2. kemal says:

    good article.. no del please..

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