Introduction to SQL 2005 Native XML Web Services November 30, 2005 webcast

On November 30, 2005, Srik presented in a webcast an introduction to SQL 2005 native xml web services.  The webcast highlighted the ease of exposing existing stored procedures and functions as webmethods.  It also described the ability to manage each of the endpoints and the metadata views.  As with any HTTP related support, security is a big concern and the presentation talks about the fact that SQL 2005 native web services does not allow for anonymous connections and that it supports Digest; Keberos; NTLM; and Integrated over clear channel and Basic over SSL.  For additional information please watch the web cast.

The webcast is available on-demand at Nov. 30, 2005 Webcast on Introduction to SQL 2005 Native XML Web Services with the sample code to the demos shown in the webcast available in the news:// newsgroup under the topic subject "SQL 2005 native web service web cast demo sample code".  Please note that the demo sample code are based on samples available in Books Online.

Jimmy Wu
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  1. sunilngr says:

    Its really a nice Webcaste to learn more features of SQL 2005.

    Really its great ..Thanks to Microsoft once again ..


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