SQL Server Workgroup Cluster FCM Errors

Background One of the new features of SQL Server 2016 is the ability to use SQL Server with Failover Cluster in a workgroup rather than joined to Active Directory. When working with SQL Server and Failover Clustering in a workgroup, many of the abilities that are normally used with Active Directory are no longer available,…


SQL 2016 – Temporal Tables – Triggers and Historical Data Tidbits

Hello again and welcome back to the series on Temporal Tables! Today we will take a look at two common questions.  What happens when I put a trigger on a Temporal Table and can I back populate the historical table?   Setup First thing’s first, let’s setup a demo.   Triggers Now, let’s add a…


SQL 2016 – Temporal Tables – How do you drop a Temporal Table?

As we continue our journey with Temporal Tables, the next topic will be how do you drop them.  While this may seem like an odd thing to write about, dropping a Temporal Table does have a couple extra steps.   Let’s begin by creating a temporal table:     Let’s compare the menu options when we…


SQL 2016 – Temporal Tables – Can you change the schema?

I was recently asked if after you setup a Temporal Table, can you modify the schema?  It was a great question because if you cannot change the schema, then you would have to drop and recreate the table every time you need to change the schema which means you would potentially lose all the history. …


SQL 2016 – Temporal Tables – What are they and how do you set one up?

What are Temporal Tables?   This is the start of a series of posts about one of my favorite new features of SQL 2016, Temporal Tables.  Temporal Tables allow you go back in time and see what the data in table looked like at that point in time.  Unlike the movie series Back to the Future, you…


Learn SQL 2016 Polybase with HDP – Part 1 – Build the Environment

I have been working with Polybase in Parallel Data Warehouse for a few years now, so I was quite excited to hear about this great feature making it into SQL 2016. It is a great was to use tools and a language you already know (TSQL) to be able to access data stored in Hadoop….


What Does Installing Polybase Add to My SQL Server?

In this post, I want to show you some of the components that are added to your SQL Server when you install the Polybase feature and where they reside. Introduction: Polybase is a new feature with SQL 2016 that allows you to query external Hadoop data and data in Azure Blob Storage. It has been…