SQL Server Workgroup Cluster FCM Errors

Background One of the new features of SQL Server 2016 is the ability to use SQL Server with Failover Cluster in a workgroup rather than joined to Active Directory. When working with SQL Server and Failover Clustering in a workgroup, many of the abilities that are normally used with Active Directory are no longer available,…


An overview of High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions available for SQL Server

With the more recent releases of SQL 2012 and Windows 2012, we are seeing the landscape of available options for SQL HA/DR specific architectures is improving significantly. Below is a summary of the high availability and disaster recovery solutions available for a SQL environment.   To begin, it is important to outline some key terminology….

Use PowerShell Script via startup Agent Job to balance Memory between two instances on a cluster on a Failover

Scenario: You have a two instance, two node cluster. SQL1 is typically running on Node1, SQL2 is typically running on Node2. The Objective is to maximize memory usage when each instance is running on its own node, yet balance memory usage if both of them happen to run on the same node.      …