Enabling/Disabling Report builder 2.0 on SSRS 2008 in SharePoint integrated mode

Report Builder 2.0 on SQL 2008 and ClickOnce

I have got the "how to enable Report builder 2.0 ClickOnce" question more than once and hence thought I would post it.

In order to get Report builder 2.0 Clickonce,you need the New Sharepoint Add-in which was just released after Sp1 ( and need SQL 2008 Sp1) - This is part of the April 2009 Feature Pack:


  - Install the ReportBuilder Click Once - RB2ClickOnce.msi

  - Install the New Sharepoint Add-in for Reporting Services - rsSharepoint_x64.msi  ( Readme: http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/0/1/701890C9-2990-4AB2-A41B-21F7152A3082/Readme_rsaddin.htm )

- If you go to Central Admin, you can make sure that the Report Builder Launch URL is:


Another common question I get is on how to disable Report builder in SharePoint integrated mode...

Disabling Report Builder from Sharepoint

a. Disabling Report Builder from the "New" Menu in SharePoint

Go into the library-->Document Settings and see these options and disable the "Report Builder Report" and the "Report Builder Model" as content types.

This will disable the "New Report Builder Report" and the "New Report Builder Model" Items from appearing.


b.   Disabling the Open in ReportBuilder menu option  : - This is done by disabling the EnableReportDesignClientDownload property in Management Studio --> Advanced Properties of the Report Server.


To disable the EnableReportDesignClientDownload  property,  open the Advanced Server Properties page

1.   Start Management Studio and connect to a report server instance.

2.  Right-click the report server node, and select Properties. Click Advanced to open the properties page. See Server Properties (Advanced Page) - Reporting Services for a description of each property.

c. Disabling Report Builder from the Actions Menu ( "Edit in Report Builder" ) when you click on the report  : That is a permission driven action. If the user has permissions to Edit the document in SharePoint, that option will appear.

-Denzil Ribeiro, Sr. SQL Server Dedicated Premier Field Engineer

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