PASS SUMMIT 2016 Pre-Con- “Immersion: Taking a Hands on Approach to Building Intelligence into Data Driven Applications”

In this modern era; applications must recover from user errors efficiently, must be optimized for transactional performance, must provide real-time insights into app transactions, must be secure and complaint, and must support seamless integration to cloud, hybrid scenarios and other data types/ systems. These applications must also learn and adapt to deliver more powerful experiences using cloud based data services, applications and intelligence.

Developer Immersion- “Data for Development” is a scenario based hands-on lab knowledge program; to get developers engaged with building hack-free, performant, scalable applications using; SQL Server, R, Machine Learning, Data warehouse, Big Data, developer tools, Azure data services (SQL Database, DocumentDB, Search), PowerBI embedded. The program also provides developers with a cohesive and consistent experience to build modern on-premises/cloud based applications with intelligence.

Bring your device to this session and get access to a full day of hands-on-labs. The session will provide a rich experience to build business applications with the above mentioned needs of modern applications, using developer centric products and features. Also you get the opportunity to speak with Microsoft Product Engineering group during the course of the session.

The “data for development” immersion program includes 15 development lab scenarios. Each of these different scenarios present a realistic development challenge and the solution to the challenge provided by different features, aligned to the scenario. The individual scenarios are divided into four experiences, which are thematic groups for all the features we’ll cover.

Experience 1- “SQL Server 2016 for Developers- Everything Built-In”

In this scenario based lab, we will build a business expense application named “myexpenses”. Scenarios covered-

  • Recover from user errors more easily using Temporal
  • Optimize transactional performance using memory-optimized tables and natively compiled SPs
  • Provide real-time insights into app transactions using columnstore
  • Develop secure and compliant database apps (Always encrypted, Dynamic Data Masking, and Row Level Security)
  • Stretch cold data to the cloud without losing query functionality
  • Explore the power of JSON in SQL Server

Experience 2– “Modernizing applications with intelligence”

In this scenario based lab we will add intelligence to “myexpenses” application we built in Experience 1. Scenarios covered-

  • Build predictive and prescriptive analytics into your app using R
  • Re-architect your workload for cloud

Experience 3– “Evolving SQL workloads from software to SaaS model”

In this scenario we will build an e-Commerce retail based SaaS (Software as a Service) application using Azure database services (Azure SQL Database). Scenarios covered-

  • Build multitenant cloud-based apps with customer isolation and efficiency
  • Leverage built-in service intelligence for greater performance and data security
  • Develop more secure and compliant apps with minimal custom code changes

Experience 4– “Modernizing cloud-based web apps “

In this scenario we will evolve and grow the e-Commerce web application by adding datalake, data warehouse, DocumentDB (NoSQL), Azure Search capabilities. Scenarios covered-

  • Accelerate development with NoSQL
  • Build first-class search experiences within your web apps
  • Process unstructured Big Data using U-SQL
  • Build SQL-based cloud Data Warehouse solutions to support Business intelligence.