AI Infused Apps- Access to Source Code & Demos

Check this blog post I wrote on building intelligent applications of the future now (with relative source code and demos) here at- Microsoft ML Blogs. Now Available: Access to Source Code & Demos of AI-Infused Apps  … Read more

PASS SUMMIT 2016 Pre-Con- “Immersion: Taking a Hands on Approach to Building Intelligence into Data Driven Applications”

In this modern era; applications must recover from user errors efficiently, must be optimized for transactional performance, must provide real-time insights into app transactions, must be secure and complaint, and must support seamless integration to cloud, hybrid scenarios and other data types/ systems. These applications must also learn and adapt to deliver more powerful experiences… Read more

Windows Azure VM- Error: The Remote Computer that you are trying to connect to requires Network Level Authentication (NLA)

  Alright, this was an interesting issue! so thought of sharing with you all. It might come in handy! I built my private domain controller and forest in Windows Azure IaaS named CORP. I created Affinity groups and a private network which helped with assigning static DNS IP for the DC. I also installed two… Read more

Find the Size of Azure Databases using Powershell

There is a T-SQL way of finding the size of the database and there are some public domain scripts to find the same, I also created one and that’s here (indeed with more clarity and structured output) Code Snippet CREATE TABLE #DatabaseInfo ( database_id varchar(30) , name NVARCHAR(500) , AlltablesizeinKB int ) CREATE TABLE #DatabaseInfo1… Read more

[Connection manager "FTP Connection Manager"] Error: An error occurred in the requested FTP operation. Detailed error description: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. .

Few days back I got a question from one of the SQL DBA’s who was working on a SSIS project. The task was simple but the error was a little tricky to understand and so was the solution (easy one, but worth jotting) Problem: The user is trying to execute an SSIS package but it… Read more

SQL Azure: Automated Database Export (Archived Post)- Please use automated-backup built-into Azure SQL Database

Great news for SQL Azure, looks like the feedback’s been heard. In July’s scheduled updates we released some great updates to Windows Azure. One of the enhancements for SQL Azure include: Support for Automated SQL Export and a New Premium Tier SQL Database option One commonly requested feature we’ve heard has been the ability for… Read more

Optimal SQL MaxServerMemory Setting TSQL- All Versions (SQL 2005/SQL 2008/R2/ SQL 2012/SQL 2014CTP1)

I created a script sometime back for finding optimal MaxServerMemory setting using TSQL automation script, I have and some of you have used it for initial analysis. The script used to find the buffer distribution, followed by Lock Memory, SQL Cache memory, Optimizer memory etc. and based on that the MaxServermemory used to be calculated. Now… Read more

Yellow Icon on the Plan Guides what does it mean?

One of my friend asked me about the “Yellow exclamation icon” on the Plan Guides and was curious to know if this is something to be worried about.       As I wasn’t too sure of what it meant I thought of finding it myself and hence looked through the SQL CODE and figured… Read more

SSL Security error [DBNETLIB]ConnectionOpen (SECDoClientHandshake())

This particular resolution is one of its own kind their could have been other possibilites for his error message to raise, generally it comes if you have Expired Certificates or invalid Certificates on the Server for the user account or the computer account, delete the unwanted Certificates on the server and then try to start… Read more