Launch forms in a dialog window

In SharePoint 2013, by default when you create a new list or library the new, edit and display forms display in a full page, not in a pop up dialog box like they did in SharePoint 2010.  If you go to the settings -> advanced page of any list/library you'll see this default behavior.


If you would still like to have this functionality, you'll need to modify the schema.xml file for each template type.

  1.  Navigate to the template type (IE document library, task list, issues list etc) and open the schema.xml file.  This file is located in 15\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\<TemplateType> directory.  Depending on the template type it may be a folder level deep so just keep looking for the schema.xml file


       2.  When you have the schema.xml file open in notepad, add the following NavigateForFormsPages="FALSE" attribute to the <List> element.


3.  Do an IISReset.

4.  Adding this attribute will set the "Launch forms in a dialog" option to "Yes" when any new objects are created with this template.




  • This will affect newly created objects only.  It does NOT go back and update the setting for objects already created.
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