Supporting TLS 1.2 in SharePoint 2013

In March of 2014 the .NET framework 4.6 was updated to provide support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2.  This is made it possible through a series of registry entries to enable this more secure method. An issue with REST calls using this version of the .NET Framework still exists because of the interfaces based on…


Modifying the Hover Panel in a Document Library

SharePoint 2013 introduced hover panels to search and document libraries.  Hover panels provide a quick way to see key information on an item and if you have Office Web Apps (OWA) installed, you can also see the document without opening it.   At the bottom of each hover panel are actions that you can take…


Removing items from the quick launch

When you create a new site in SharePoint, various templates are used that have been configured to create certain objects (lists/libraries) and activate certain features.  Using these templates provides a standard approach to creating sites but if these don’t meet your needs you can always modify them. In this post I’ll show you how to…


List Item Threshold Explained

Many of us already know the story with the 5,000 item limit with lists/libraries and some strategies to work around this limitation. A lot of administrators when faced with the familiar “the number of items in this list exceeds the list view threshold” will naturally navigate to Central Admin and modify the Resource Throttling for…


Launch forms in a dialog window

In SharePoint 2013, by default when you create a new list or library the new, edit and display forms display in a full page, not in a pop up dialog box like they did in SharePoint 2010.  If you go to the settings -> advanced page of any list/library you’ll see this default behavior. If…


Web Part Page Title Bar property not displaying

The title in a SharePoint 2013 web part page should display the value of the Title property in the Web Part Page Title Bar but as we’ll see below it doesn’t. Issue Create a new Web Part page in whatever document library you want then edit the page and Title Bar Properties.   2.  As…


InfoPath – State Service Application is required

When using InfoPath in your SharePoint 2013 environment, if you don’t have the State Service configured in the farm you’ll see the error below, “The form cannot be rendered.  This may be due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service”.     Resolution:  See if the state service has been configured by…


List all the timer jobs using PowerShell

Here is a useful script that will retrieve all the SharePoint timer jobs filtering by the schedule they run. Begin  {        Write-Host “Fetching SharePoint 2013 Farm Timer Jobs..”  }  Process  {        Get-SPWebApplication  | %{$_.JobDefinitions | Select -Unique -Property Name, ID, Status , Schedule} | Where-Object Schedule -Like “*minute*” | Sort-Object -Property Name | ft }  End  {        Write-Host “Execution Completed!!!” }


SharePoint 2013 install error if the .NET 4.6.X framework is installed

When installing the pre-requisites for SharePoint 2013 you may receive an error during the configuration of the IIS role indicating a later version of the .NET framework is already installed. This could mean a couple things: There is a known issue when the .NET 4.6.X version of the .NET framework is installed on Server 2012….