SharePoint 2016 : Modern OneDrive User Experience results in blank page

As part of the November 2016 public update for SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1), a new modern user experience for OneDrive for Business is included. This modern user experience is turned on automatically when you install the public update

Classic OneDrive Page:











The classic OneDrive page reflects URL /PersonalSite/Documents/Forms/All.aspx.


Modern User Experience:








Once switched to modern OneDrive experience, you are redirected to /PersonalSite/_layouts/15/onedrive.aspx.


This modern experience can be toggled by the following SharePoint PowerShell script:

To enable:

$Farm = Get-SPFarm

$Farm.OneDriveUserExperienceVersion = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.OneDriveUserExperienceVersion]::Version2


To disable:

$Farm = Get-SPFarm

$Farm.OneDriveUserExperienceVersion = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.OneDriveUserExperienceVersion]::Version1



The OneDrive.aspx page appears blank if you have installed only Cumulative Updates for SharePoint Server 2016 (KB 3127940) . In order for OneDrive modern experience to work correctly, you also need to install the OneDrive hotfix documented in the KB article KB 3127942. This hotfix updates the SharePoint 2016 version to 16.0.4456.1002. However, you can install this hotfix even on top of January 2017 Cumulative Update for SharePoint since it contains linguistic resources necessary to render modern OneDrive experience.


POST BY : Tapan Maniar[MSFT]

Comments (4)

  1. This Helped me. I was having the same issue with blank screen.

  2. jason jiang says:

    For the customization button, how can i make it work in this page, one of my old solution have two customization buttons added by Custom_AddDocLibMenuItems method are missing in this new page.

    1. Spses says:

      Hello Jason,
      Could you please open up a support case with us so that we can investigate further ?

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