SharePoint 2010/2013: List view Lookup threshold uncovered

  SharePoint with Large lists is common scenario in any Sharepoint deployment. While there are Several blogs / Guidance TechNet articles which exist working /Managing Large lists, My blog is particularly about the "List view lookup Threshold" Here is a table summarizes information about resource throttles and limits that you need to be aware of….


We are Hiring !!!

  Position: Support Escalation Engineer Location: Bangalore, India     Introduction ——————————————————————————————————   Microsoft India Global Technical Support Centre (GTSC) Microsoft GTSC was established in October of 2003 in India, it is part of Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support (CSS) organization which has locations throughout the Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific and Greater China. Microsoft’s CSS…


Scenarios where User Profile Synchronization Service (UPSS) is not designed to work

  This blog covers some unique scenarios where UPSS is not designed to work & also scenarios where it works only under specific conditions. Let’s get started. 1. Single Server Farm :UPSS is not designed to start/work on a Single Server Farm How to check this? Check the ‘ServerRole’ by going to: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server…


Show more relevant Titles in search results in SharePoint 2013 plus some other improvements

We’ve introduced improvements to search in SharePoint 2013 so that it will be easier to display relevant titles and authors in search results. We’ve also introduced some changes how the time of the last document modification is set. This allows now more consistent and intuitive sorting and search refinement based on this time. In this…


SharePoint 2010 Using blob caching throws many errors in the ULS and Event Logs -The system cannot find the file specified

  Are you seeing several errors related to Blob Caching in the ULS Logs / Event Viewer? Various ULS Logs errors: · "An error occurred in the blob cache. The exception message was: ‘The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)’." · GetFileFromUrl: FileNotFoundException when attempting get file Url /favicon.ico The system…


Office 365-Configure Hybrid Search with Directory Synchronization –Password Sync

WATCH the Video Here One of the key features in SharePoint 2013 release is to provide our customers a way to move to the cloud on their own terms. A key requirement of today’s IT industry is cloud and on-premise solutions must co-exist. This is where hybrid scenarios come into existence. A hybrid environment allows…


UPA Sync Service Startup issues due to invalid Name of the server

Recently I had  worked on couple of an issues where User Profile Synchronization service wasn’t getting started. The issue was specific to one server. Even if we create new UPA then also User Profile Synchronization won’t get started. ULS logs don’t show any exceptions. They only show that the Profile Synchronization Setup Job runs and…


SharePoint 2013: Site in Read only mode after an interrupted backup

I came across an interesting issue recently where a customer was backing up a site collection via SharePoint Management shell & the backup process was abnormally terminated. This resulted in the Site being in Read only mode & the following message would show up when users browsed to the site. “We apologize for any inconvenience,…


How to reduce the size of logging database by purging old data from it.

WSS logging database grows very fast and it may cause  storage problem at times SharePoint server 2010. More on Logging Database? The Logging database stores the following data:- · ULS Logs from 14 Hive\LOGS · Raw Resource -Usage Data By Default the system retains 14 days of Usage data in this database. By following PowerShell…