Proxy Configuration issues with UPA in SharePoint 2010 /2013

This post talks about various issues seen in User Profile Service application configuration due to Web Proxy configurations. As the User Profile Import using the FIM has not changed in SharePoint 2013 these would apply to SharePoint 2013 as well. Issue 1: Unable to start the User Profile Synchronization Service, This fails after 3 retries….


Guidance for XslLink property with the XsltListViewWebPart

The XsltListViewWebPart as well as the DataFormWebPart are having the same base class BaseXsltDataWebPart  and work quite similar. While for the DataFormWebPart it is OK and intended to use the Xsl and XslLink property, in current SharePoint versions the it is strongly recommended not to use the Xsl and XslLink properties with the XsltListViewWebPart. Both…


SharePoint 2007: SSP upgrade issue with SP3

  The Office Server Search gatherer crawled documents in batches. It creates a batch ID each time it loads documents from the crawl queue into SQL, these BatchIDs are stored in MSSBatchHistory Table (part of SSP Search DB). There was a limitation that existed in Search where in it does not clean up the MSSBatchHistory…


SharePoint 2010: Issues with Service Application Proxy & Proxy Group Associations

    At times we would see errors while accessing various Service applications. These types of issues manifest with various symptoms at different locations, here is an example of a few I have come across. Symptom 1: When you try to access the Managed Metadata Service Application from manage Service Applications, you face the following…


CRL verification Failure –SharePoint

  Couple of weeks back, I had a chance to work with one of the customer who reported multiple issues in his farm. These issues were followed by a farm wide outage and he ended up contacting Microsoft. I got involved with this customer as part of the escalation process and following were his major…


Blob Cache in SharePoint

  1.What is Blob Cache? Disk-based Caching for Binary Large Objects Disk-based caching controls caching for binary large objects (BLOBs) such as image, sound, and video files, as well as code fragments. Disk-based caching is extremely fast and eliminates the need for database round trips. BLOBs are retrieved from the database once and stored on…


All you want to know about People Picker in SharePoint ( Functionality | Configuration | Troubleshooting ) Part-1

  The people-picker is a SharePoint interface responsible for querying repositories for identities or groups in order to grant them permission in the SharePoint application. Site administrators and other users use the People Picker Web control to select people and groups when assigning permissions. There are two possible ways to add users, via the checkname…


MOSS list library lookup column drop down – performance issue with IE7

You may experience performance issue on a SharePoint 2007 site page where it has sharepoint list library lookup column, for example there is a custom list named ‘List1’ with custom column ‘Column1’, there are around 10000 items added to this list.  Create another list named ‘List2’ and create a lookup column named ‘Column2’ pointing to…