Social Computing : Part 2: User Profile Application Overview

Note: Support for changes to the databases that are used by Office server products and by Windows SharePoint Services Reference: Article User Profile Application is a service application that can be consumed across multiple sites and farms. We can configure the service based on our requirement and it stores information about users in a central…


Social computing: Part 1: Overview

Note: Support for changes to the databases that are used by Office server products and by Windows SharePoint Services Reference: Article There are many social computing tools available in market today, like my sites, blogs, wikis and RSS feeds, etc. These tools are very helpful to share knowledge, which enables collaboration and improves innovation. The…


UPA 2010 : Setting up the User Profile Service Application – Part2

In the first part of our document on User Profile Service Application we talked about various SharePoint & Windows components involved, we talked about the Need & utility of User Profile Service Application. This is part two, which talks about the Details of setting up the User profile Service application along with details of events…


Installation And Configuration Of FAST Search Server for SharePoint 2010

This article describes how to install and configure Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint as a multiple server deployment and also add the same as a back-end for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.We assume that SharePoint Server 2010 is already installed. Currently we will not focus on any installation steps of SharePoint 2010 server or…


SharePoint Patches With Links To KB Articles -Part 1

A consolidated page to track all SharePoint hotfixes with links to download the same is always beneficial for administrators. Post below has links to major Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SharePoint 2007 fixes currently available . I will update the post as and when a new patch is released .   WSS 3.0     MOSS…


SharePoint Patches With Links To KB Articles -Part 2

Let’s look at Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 & SharePoint 2003 major patch releases WSS 2.0     Sharepoint2003     Release Version KB Release Version KB RTM 11.0.5530.0 N/A RTM 11.0.5704.0 N/A SP1 11.0.6361.0 KB841876 SP1 11.0.6715.0 KB841883 SP2 11.0.6568.0 KB887624 SP2 11.0.8126.0 KB887623 SP2 Rollup 11.0.8000.0 KB900929 SP2 Rollup 11.0.8126.2 KB898547 Aug DST 11.0.8147.0…


SharePoint 2010 – Provisioning User Profile Synchronization

This blog is intended to quickly ramp up the reader on requirements and steps to successfully provision a user profile synchronization service. User Profile Service Application setup has been one of the most problematic issues for customers so I hope this will clear up some misconceptions.  I’ll cover some basics including components involved and improvements…


Moss 2007 | User Profiles | Part 2

Importing & processing data in SQL Server Tables To completely understand the next phase of import process we must first have some additional information. There are a few stored procedures that are registered in the server’s registry that are invoked during various stages of importing data from the gatherer pipeline. These can be found in…


Moss 2007 | User Profiles | Part 1

User Profiles – The Idea BehindA user profile is a record in the profile database that contains property values about a person. This information can be listed, searched and displayed to other users in the organization. In SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003, the user profile store was primarily designed for use in the Intranet environment….