Vanity Popfly Mashups

You may have read an earlier C4F article Creating a Vanity Search Page using Windows Live Search.  I wanted to create a Vanity mashup for my Facebook page to show off my YouTube channel, but while there were YouTube blocks on Popfly they didn’t cover much of the YouTube API. So, I recruited Srikanth Sastry…


Mashup of the Week: Vanity Blog Mashup

I’m thinking of starting a mashup of the week post using Popfly.  I’ve been creating a series of Vanity mashups: My YouTube Channel in a Carousel Display Springboard RSS in Chat Bubbles


Popfly Game Creator: Games by Students

Alfred beat me to posting my own content  🙂 We recently asked a number of students to use Popfly and submit a Popfly creation (a mash-up or a game).  10 of the games that were created were picked by the Popfly Team in the Games We Love entry in the Popfly wiki. I’ve embedded…