#NotAtMix? Join the Live Blog, Live Stream, or Channel 9

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas … right?  Not when it comes to MIX10.  Here’s how you can connect to what’s happening Want the student perspective?  Join our Live blog where you can listen or chat with us about the upcoming announcements.  Starting at 9am PT.   MIX10 Day 1 and Day 2 keynotes…


Shared Code Windows Desktop, Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360

Awesome news from Windows Phone 7 demo shows cross platform game coding, playing Start playing on your desktop, continue to Windows Phone 7, and finish on Xbox 360.  Get a glimpse at the development that makes it happen. Technorati Tags: SP7, WindowsPhone7, Windows Phone 7, MIX10


Designing User Experiences and Mobile Applications

“Ask anyone over 25 what digit they use to ring a doorbell and most people will pop up their index finger. But ask a youngster and they are much more likely to extend a thumb.”  Read the full article here Do you wonder how texting might change the way we interact with the world?  Chad…


Windows Mobile Facebook Notes

Loke-Uei Tan has posted some great Facebook Notes on Windows Mobile.  You’ll need a Facebook account to see these. Want to know more about Internet Explorer Mobile 6? Qik adds support for 20+ Windows Mobile devices Top Five Best Windows Mobile Devices Tag Me patterns & practices Mobile Pocket Guide Update Scrub your contact list…


Guitar Hero for Your Window Mobile Phone

Guitar Hero® III Mobile is now available on Windows Mobile! Rock out anytime, anywhere with this rhythm-based, three button game that stays true to the original. This trial version comes with one playable track to give you a taste of the exciting gameplay. You may upgrade to the full game for a one-time purchase of…


Windows Mobile Development Samples

http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/30taewf4(VS.80).aspx   Calculator Application Sample Provides a simple calculator application for a Pocket PC. Direct3D Mobile UltimateGMan Game Sample Shows how to make a simple two dimensional game with managed mobile Direct3D programming. MSMQ Book Order Application Sample Demonstrates two way communications using message queuing between a device application and a desktop application. Roman Legion…


Best Practices: Designing Mobile Applications

These days, mobile devices are as common as chewing gum.  Will your next application be ready to hit the streets? I recently talked to a group of MIS majors at Baylor University about Windows Mobile Design.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you with your User Interface (UI) Design. Thanks to Dr. Willis…


Basic Threading in .NET CF (Compact Framework) or Generally .NET

As I mentioned in my NEAT-o-Games post, on Friday I visited CPL to see talk about Windows Mobile Development.  I provided an overview of threading concepts in .NET CF and gave a quick demo of basic threading concepts.  If you are new to threading in either .NET or .NET CF, this demo show how an…


NEAT-o-Games for Windows Mobile

NEAT-o-Games is a fantastic example of using Windows Mobile to improve your world.  Check out this news coverage from their photo and video page (this page is fairly slow to load).  NEAT-o-Games is 24 hour competition between you and a friend to see who is burning the most energy.  It measures any movement from waving…