Live Blog of the Imagine Cup Student Competition: 9am EDT with Student Insider Patrick Godwin

Join us for a live blog of Imagine Cup Community Showcase Monday 26 April 2010 at 9am EDT. Special guests and speakers include James Cameron (Avatar and Titanic), Karen Cator, Direction of Educational Technology at the US Dept of Education Anthony Salcito, Microsoft VP of Education worldwide, and Craig Mundie, Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy…


Students at MIX10

Our students at MIX (Jeremy, Joe, Tom).  join our Live Blog tomorrow at 9am PDT review today’s live blog coverage   Photo courtesy Vetela Hawkins Technorati Tags:  MIX10, MicrosoftSI


MIX10 Exploring Windows Phone 7, XNA, Silverlight, and much more

We’re having so much fun here at MIX10 and we want to make sure that what stays in Vegas reaches you!  I’ve been lucky to be attending with three of our student Insiders and I’m keeping pace … for the most part. I wanted to spend a little time connecting you with many of the…


#NotAtMix? Join the Live Blog, Live Stream, or Channel 9

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas … right?  Not when it comes to MIX10.  Here’s how you can connect to what’s happening Want the student perspective?  Join our Live blog where you can listen or chat with us about the upcoming announcements.  Starting at 9am PT.   MIX10 Day 1 and Day 2 keynotes…


Students at PDC (Professional Developer’s Conference)

Wonder what it’s like to attend professional events as a student? Take a look at what our student insider Ashley Myers has to say about the Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC). From Ashley … Having the Flip HD is rather nice for shooting short clips.  Unfortunately, it being a simple device, my shaking arm made for…


Student Insider Interviews 1vs100 Creative Director

Student Insider Joe Osborne chats with Matthew Van Gorder, Content Lead at Microsoft Game Studios and Creative Director on the 1 VS 100 team. He let us in on the skinny of what he’s up to and the thought processes that go into maintaining the only live (video) game show on any console network. Get…


Meet the Microsoft Student Insider Team

Where can you find us?  Blogging, tweeting, facebooking on all things #MicrosoftSI.  Each of our students has a different background and area of interest.  But the one thing we all share is a passion for sharing online.  See this post to learn What is the Microsoft Student Insider Program.  Read an article by each Insider…