The History of Microsoft

<snip>  Thirty-four years ago, a nineteen year old kid and his twenty-two year old business partner sold their first program to a little computer company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The program was called BASIC, and it was the start of this company we call Microsoft. </snip> Channel 9 has started a new show about The…


Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld: A Family Affair

The Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Ad series continues with Gates and Seinfeld moving in with a family in A Family Affair Parts 1 and 2.  Click here to see some commentary on the advertisement series.  


Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Ad

Read more about Microsoft’s new advertising campaign from Fast Company ETA:  Keep an eye for more Gates/Seinfeld videos Thanks Alfred for pointing me to this on Seattle Times Blog and Frank for pointing out their home on


Ramping up on the job: Week 1

My first week was little odd because it coincided with my team’s annual offsite where we present best practices and talk about our strategy for the fiscal year.  It was both a great week to come back (so convenient to have everything being presented!) and a hard week (traveling the first week and not being…


Imagine Cup US Finals: Meet the Teams

From left to right: Joe Zhou, Adam Risi and Zachery Shivers, a quartet of sophomores and juniors from Rochester Institute of Technology, are the 2008 U.S. Imagine Cup Finals winners of the Software Design category. Displayed here is their winning project that programs and configures a network of sensors to take readings of environmental variables…

Here’s Your Chance to Shine: Microsoft Student Partners Now Hiring (US)

Want to help connect your campus to Microsoft? Here’s your chance. Microsoft hires students to run local events, provide technical training, and promote awareness of Microsoft student offerings. If you love technology and sharing your passion with others, this gig is for you. Apply at


DreamSpark: Free Software for Students: What’s In

 Microsoft developer tools ·    Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition ·    Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition ·    XNA Game Studio 2.0 ·    12-month free membership in the XNA Creators Club Microsoft designer tools Expression Studio, including: ·    Expression Web ·    Expression Blend ·    Expression Design ·    Expression Media   Microsoft platform resources ·    SQL Server 2005…

DreamSpark: Free Microsoft Software for Students

Microsoft DreamSpark launches today with a Key Note from BillG at Stanford University.  Microsoft DreamSpark gives students around the world software for free to help them become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders. Whether interested in technology or design – Microsoft is offering something for every technically-inclined student. For verified students, Microsoft DreamSpark offers Visual Studio…


Blue Monster

I went to a Silverlight Training this week with some other Microsoft evangelists.  I was lucky enough to take the course with Joe Healy whose Silverlight knowledge far surpasses my own.  In addition to Silverlight help, Joe introduced me to the Blue Monster.  When I searched for Blue Monster I came first to this article which…