10 Skills Developers Will Need in the Next Five Years

Aimee Sprung, our Students 2 Business Lead pointed out a great article about much needed skills.  This article at TechRepublic is a great summary.  For more advice, articles, and to help find a job join our Students 2 Business community! Read the entire Tech Republic Article Here 1: One of the “Big Three” (.NET, Java,…


Looking for more job experience?

Often students find that jobs they’re applying for require a lot of experience. But they need a job to get experience, but the jobs require experience… what should they do?  This can be especially true today.  I always recommend volunteer experience as a great way to get real world experience that can build on your…


25 Things I wish my mother would have told me before I started work

Last week at the SWE National Conference there was a session with this title and I just couldn’t resist a post about it.  The session was presented by Becky Schmieding an Executive Project Manager at IBM. The summary sheet was just too intriguing not to post.  Thanks Becky for advice we can all learn from!…


Challenges and Benefits of Consulting as a Career Options

I attended the SWE National Convention last week and had the privilege of co-presenting with Wendy Gillen, Vice President of Services for Microsoft.  She gave a great talk on consulting as a career or a  career stop.  Below are the notes I took during her talk broken into 3 categories:  The Richness of the Consulting…


Jobs (and altitude sickness)

One of my 1:1s this week was with my co-worker Randy.  Randy lives in Colorado so he’ll be my local expert at the Grace Hopper Conference in a few weeks. :-)    While browsing through the GHC site, I found a section on altitude sickness that said: "High Altitude Illness is the result of sudden exposure…


Visual Studio 2008 Tip of the Day

Sara Ford keeps an excellent blog with a column on Visual Studio 2008 Tip of the Day.  Here’s one you might enjoy:  How to select a Start-Up Project when you have multiple projects in a Solution.  Why would you use multiple projects?  Often you want to a ‘To Release’ project containing what you intend to…


Imagine Cup US Finals: Gaming Style

The national finals included a track on Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as a track for gaming and digital design. Student interviewed a panel of recent grads from EA and spoke to social media entrepreneur David Henderson. Check out these videos taken by Clint Rutkas on similar topics. Getting a Job: Round Table Edition Clint…


Here’s Your Chance to Shine: Microsoft Student Partners Now Hiring (US)

Want to help connect your campus to Microsoft? Here’s your chance. Microsoft hires students to run local events, provide technical training, and promote awareness of Microsoft student offerings. If you love technology and sharing your passion with others, this gig is for you. Apply at http://us.student-partners.com