Systers Code Sprint

Twelve hours into the day and two Starbucks stops behind me, I’m hanging out at the Systers Code Sprint.  I met Robin Jeffries!!  She’s super nice and we had a very good discussion about why Systers uses their current system rather than say the Groups developed by the company Robin works for (Google). 😉 The…


At the conference, on Eastern time but less over-committed than I thought :-)

I FINALLY arrived at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing around 8PM last night.  I’ve been thinking about and planning for the conference since February.  (Not as long as the organizers, but that’s still a long time!)  I arrived in time to meet up with some folks at the Poster Session and to…


Microsoft iGive at Grace Hopper 2009

  At GHC 2008, we kicked off a campaign called iGive where women in computing gave back to the community.  Please support iGive again this year as we continue to support and raise awareness for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. What is iGive? The iGive campaigns are a way for Microsoft to “give…


3 Ways To Take Your Grace Hopper Experience Online

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference is an excellent way to keep in touch with women’s issues, gain advice and insight for your career, and most importantly connect with other women in computing.  The conference has a number of online venues to enhance your attendance or to follow along if you are…


25 Things I wish my mother would have told me before I started work

Last week at the SWE National Conference there was a session with this title and I just couldn’t resist a post about it.  The session was presented by Becky Schmieding an Executive Project Manager at IBM. The summary sheet was just too intriguing not to post.  Thanks Becky for advice we can all learn from!…


Challenges and Benefits of Consulting as a Career Options

I attended the SWE National Convention last week and had the privilege of co-presenting with Wendy Gillen, Vice President of Services for Microsoft.  She gave a great talk on consulting as a career or a  career stop.  Below are the notes I took during her talk broken into 3 categories:  The Richness of the Consulting…


A Fish Out of Water: Being a Man at Grace Hopper

Randy Guthrie blogs about being one of a few men at Grace Hopper:


Confessions of a Woman Developer: I’m a singer and I’m a PC

When I lived in Columbus, I went to see Def Poetry Jam  where people passionately tell their story through poems they’ve written.  I’m not much of a poet, nonetheless, here’s my story. I’m a singer.  That’s right I sing, I’ve sung evensongs at cathedrals all across England and Scotland, I sang in the Ohio State…


Confessions of a Woman Developer: 4 Steps to Navigate Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper can be a bit jolting as a first-time attendee.  I first attended Grace Hopper as a senior in Computer Science and Engineering at Ohio State University.  I attended with two women I barely knew – Bettina Bair, a diversity leader at Ohio State, and Rebecca Fiebrink, a double major in music and computer…