MIX10 Exploring Windows Phone 7, XNA, Silverlight, and much more


We’re having so much fun here at MIX10 and we want to make sure that what stays in Vegas reaches you!  I’ve been lucky to be attending with three of our student Insiders and I’m keeping pace … for the most part.

I wanted to spend a little time connecting you with many of the MIX sessions that were interesting today.

Photo courtesy Vetela Hawkins

Today focused on Windows Phone 7 Series and as Tom mentioned, why the ‘series’?  Does it target a series of devices?  It does, but there are a set of minimal requirements for the phones.  Here are a few


Charlie Kindel blogs:  Different Means Better with the new Windows Phone Developer Experience

The idea for Windows Phone 7 was to focus on the user experience and the developer experience.  After many versions of mobile devices, Windows Phones had too many options.  All Windows Phone 7 Series devices must conform to a minimal set of requirements.

Announcements you may want to know:

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