Student Insiders take YOU inside of MIX10 Web Design, Developer, and Builder Conference

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MIX10 is next week (March 15-17) and we want YOU to be on the inside.  Attend virtually through the blogging and tweeting of our Student Insiders who will report live from the keynotes and interview industry luminaries like Bill Buxton

Live Blog of Day 1 Keynote – join us at 9am PST to chat live about the keynote

Live Blog of Day 2 Keynote – join us at 9am PST to chat live about the keynote

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We’re sending Student Insiders to interview Microsoft Design Researcher Bill Buxton and keep you on the inside of their specific areas:

Tom Ziegmann – our IT + Azure Insider talks to

  • Moe Khosravy, the Microsoft Program Manager for “Dallas” the Azure Data Platform
  • Erik Nelson, the Principal Architect of MySpace Infrastructure

Joe Osborne – our Expression Insider to explore the designer side and interview Bill Buxton

  • Bill Buxton, Microsoft Design Researcher

Jeremy Bray – our Windows Insider to investigate the new Windows Phone 7 announcements and interviews


What’s MIX?

MIX is where Microsoft and other industry leaders share a two-way conversation about the future of the Web, the boundaries between design, development, media, and technology.  Learn more about the event at

Who Attends?

developers, strategists, architects, designers, user experience professionals, marketers and … our Student Insiders!


Windows Phone 7 at MIX10

This year, MIX is not just about the Web. MIX10 will introduce the Windows Phone 7 Series developer platform. WP7 will be a major feature in the conference keynote (with both Joe Belfiore and Scott Guthrie presenting) and MIX10 will host 12 technical sessions detailing the platform to attendees.  The keynotes & sessions will both be streamed live on the Internet and provided on-demand, post-event.  MIX10 attendees will receive access to the Windows Phone 7 Series development tools and get free developer support.

Internet Explorer at MIX10

Mary-Jo Foley from ZDNet talks about what’s expected in the IE announcements at MIX. Take a look at PDC09 announcement for focus on standards and speed and website compatibility on IE8


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