Introducing the Microsoft Student Insider Program

I’ve been involved with our Student Partners Program for many years and am excited to be launching a new branch of this program Student Insiders.  Student Partners are influential on their campus, giving technical talks, throwing parties, supporting local events, and helping students access Microsoft resources and technologies. 

Student Insider Program

This year we are kicking off the Microsoft Student Insider Program.  A Microsoft Student Insider is an exceptional technical community leaders who voluntarily share their expertise. Insiders are a highly select group and represent the best and brightest technical students with excellent communication skills.  They are committed to community and to helping others. 

As early adopters of new technology, Microsoft Student Insiders actively communicate their experiences to countless other enthusiasts. Through their extensive involvement and experience, Student Insiders solve problems and discover new capabilities, helping people get the maximum value from their technology.  Student Insiders engages passionate and inspirational students for a specific technology area and provides training for students to gain skills, network, and to grow their impact.

What does this really mean? 

We identified key bloggers and online community contributors for the program.  We align these students with key topic areas of interest – like Imagine Cup or Visual Studio – and we provide them with incredible experiences, such as a trip to Microsoft, PDC, MIX or similar.  Each Insider shares their personal experiences with their community about their trips, their experience, and how-to or help with their topics.

Who are our Insiders?  I’ve written a post to cover that one – Meet the Microsoft Student Insider Team.

Comments (4)

  1. Patrick S says:

    Oh wow that sounds very cool - I wish Microsoft New Zealand did things like this.

    I'm a student partner for Vic Uni in Wellington NZ and we dont hear from MSFT all that much.

  2. msuw says:

    really cool also want to be part of it..but now i wanna be MSP ..& hope soon will be ...

  3. Shihab says:

    Cool, I wanna be part of Microsoft Student Insider program. Please let me know, how i can apply for it???

    Md. Shihab Uddin

    Microsoft Student Partner from Bangladesh

  4. Ajay Dadheech says:

    kewl....please let me know how can we apply for it. I wanna do a lot of work in it. I am Microsoft student partner from India please mail me at or

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