SharePoint, Project, and Visio 2010 are now available through MSDN AA

One of the biggest differentiators between MSDN AA and DreamSpark is that MSDN AA contains some of the Office Suite and now contains Office 2010 SharePoint, Project, and Visio Professional versions.  Whereas DreamSpark focuses heavily on Developer and Designer tools, MSDN Academic Alliance offers a wider variety of tools for students, faculty, and IT staff….


Live Blog of the Imagine Cup Student Competition: 9am EDT with Student Insider Patrick Godwin

Join us for a live blog of Imagine Cup Community Showcase Monday 26 April 2010 at 9am EDT. Special guests and speakers include James Cameron (Avatar and Titanic), Karen Cator, Direction of Educational Technology at the US Dept of Education Anthony Salcito, Microsoft VP of Education worldwide, and Craig Mundie, Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy…


MSDN AA Admins Enable Visual Studio 2010 Downloads from ELMS

Now that MSDN AA has mad Visual Studio 2010 RTM available, as an administrator of an MSDN AA account you may want to make this available for download for your students and faculty.  Follow the instructions on this video: How to transition to Hosted ELMS Watch this short video to learn how to transition to…


Visual Studio 2010 RTM and .NET 4.0 now available through DreamSpark, MSDN, MSDN AA, and TechNet

The long awaited developer tooling is here!  The Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4.0 RTM (Release to Manufacture) is now available through DreamSpark, MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDN AA), MSDN, and TechNet Subscriptions. Join the buzz – Bob Muglia, President, Server & Tools Business announces VS2010 (Watch it Live) Go behind the scenes and listen…


Meet 12 Microsoft Women – Career Webcast

Great opportunity to explore jobs held by women at Microsoft. Microsoft Career Webcast Four job webcasts held around the world. Register Today! Latin America – April 28th North America – April 29th ASIA – May 24th EMEA  – May 25th About the Event Meet up to 12 different women from Microsoft Services and learn how…


Disney Character or Microsoftee – Sara Ford tells her story for Ada Lovelace Day 2010 (ALD10)

Ada Lovelace Day 2010 (#ALD10) is an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science.  I’m looking forward to reading about the women in technology who motivate us all.  Last year I found Tim O’Reilly’s post about the women at O’Reilly was very touching.  I was motivated by how…


Free Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Training Kit

Windows Phone 7 Series holds a promise to be an amazing personal mobile phone with new innovative user interface and functionality, as well as a great development platform on which you can quickly and easily build games and applications. With a myriad of new devices, a powerful and immersive software platform, and a new marketplace…


Bing vs Google – The Showdown of the Maps – A student perspective

by Darren Doyle I’m a big fan when it comes to Maps. I have no idea why mapping online is so cool to me, but it’s one of the things I use a lot. Today I’ve decided to compare Bing and Google Maps both side by side and see who is the winner! While Wikipedia…


Students at MIX10

Our students at MIX (Jeremy, Joe, Tom).  join our Live Blog tomorrow at 9am PDT review today’s live blog coverage   Photo courtesy Vetela Hawkins Technorati Tags:  MIX10, MicrosoftSI