How-to Restore and Find Deleted Email in Outlook 2007

Help!!  I permanently deleted an email I need, I need to find an email I deleted, how to restore a deleted email.  If you’re in trouble, here’s a quick solution for retrieving email from the dumpster in Outlook 2007.

When you delete an email from one of your folders it first goes into the Deleted Items folder.  To permanently delete an item, it has to be deleted from the Deleted Items folder and is sent to the dumpster.  If you’ve sent an important item to the dumpster, hope is not lost.  You can restore the items using the following procedure:

1. Highlight the folder that originally contained the item.  (If you’re not sure which folder, than you have to repeat these steps for each possible folder).  In this example, we’ll restore something to the Inbox.

2. From the menu bar choose Tools –> Recover Deleted Items.  Keyboard shortcut (hold down ALT and press ‘t’ and then ‘t’ again)


3. A window will pop up with the most recently deleted items:


4. Highlight the message you want to restore and select the icon with a message with an arrow on top, ‘Recover Selected Items’


5. To restore multiple messages, hold down ‘CTRL’ and select the items you want to restore


This came in handy for me when one of my rules got corrupted.  Hope this helps, Happy mail finding!

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  1. garyl2k says:

    Thanks for this information, I am general IT support for a SME company and get loads of request regarding deleted emails in Outlook.

    Thanks for the informative post!

  2. Cindy Adams says:

    Thanks for the tip. It happens to me often!

  3. daveblack says:

    <sigh />

    I guess it isn’t available for standalone Outlook .pst files…

    or am I missing something?

  4. Actually you can also recover deleted emails from an Outlook PST file. I’ve documented the proceedure here:!1pt1v0Q4vD8jSvNS4lqdAuug!391.entry

    Blake Handler – Microsoft MVP

    "The Road to Know Where"

  5. HilaryPike says:

    @daveblack  This is the recovery for emails in your active email folders (your .ost file), not archive emails (.pst file).  

    Thanks for the link @Blake

  6. Steven says:

    What if you do not have "Recover Deleted Items" in your Outlook 2007?  How do you recovery this information?

  7. Hamilton says:


    I want to share much more information about what happens when an email is deleted permanently from your folder. In MS Outlook, when an e-mail is deleted permanently (by using Shift+Delete or from the Deleted Folder), Outlook just removes the pointer that is listed in the index. The deleted email still remains in the .PST file, but Outlook does not know the whereabouts of the deleted item as the pointer is deleted.

    In this case deleted Outlook item can be surely recovered using an effective third-party <a href="">deleted email recovery</a> software.


  8. Aashi says:


     You may face many problme like accidentally delete some messages,Automatic loss of email,Blackout of Email servers

    Upper limit on data storage. In such situation you take regular backup of your mail.

    There are one handy application "BeyondInbox". It provides features like Backup your email for Disaster Recovery,Archive your email, Organize your inbox and Restore your email.

    It also create seprate file(.eml) for each mail.…/mail-backup–how-to-backup-emails-from-imap-account.html

  9. Pratyush says:

    Thanks for posting this feature is really useful

  10. Timbet says:

    Great help!!

    A great resource i found to get deleted email is at

  11. Sorin says:


    What if u're missing the recovery deleted item button in outlook ?i can see the subfolders that i deleted when im trying to create a new folder in contacs.Can you please help me?

  12. T says:

    This was a life saver this morning, THANK YOU

  13. Naresh says:

    recover deleted item is not showing in my mail

  14. Naresh Sharma says:

    recover deleted item is not showing in my mail

    Mail id:

  15. Karen says:


    A great recovery tool, I used to recover my deleted email is Remo Repair Outlook (PST). It performs excellent email recovery on outlook 2007. Just follow the steps given at

  16. alfatech says:

    You can also try one of the best pst recovery software :

    This software wil show you the preview of recovered email in trial version.


  17. manoj kumar dash says:

    can you please tell me how to add this in outlook 2007. I can't findout this option in office 2007 ultimate

  18. nick says:

    hi, i dont have option of recover deleted mail in tool option. help me

  19. Den says:

    Do not have Restore Deleted Items in my Outlook 2007

  20. Pastor Marinez says:

    This is as good as it gets for quick fixes. thank you for being "Right On!!".

  21. Bilal says:


    what if i don't have exchange server.

  22. bridie fahy says:

    my computer opens with google and thats fine , However theres no further emails or facebook comunication all seems to be lost

  23. prasad says:

    hi I working in sapphire global as a IT support i want to know how i recover or restore my entire outlook which is deleted automatically from my that there are some important file are there.

    please surges me any one

  24. Shravan says:

    Hi, Mistakenly I have deleted my mails (Permanantly – shift+ Delete).

    Pleas let me know how to recover the mails fro my outlook.?.?.?

  25. Shamiela says:

    Thank you so much this was very helpful 🙂

  26. kevin says:

    Do not have this drop down option in outlook 2007.  Recover Deleted items not there.

  27. chintan mehta says:

    microsoft outlook 2007 cannot search email

  28. chintan mehta says:

    microsoft outlook 2007 cannot search email I have install windowas search 4.0

  29. Nuwan Kulsekara says:

    Very Jennie blog!!!

    To avoid all complication and ensure deleted data recovery 100% whether the data is softly deleted (using del key) or hardly deleted (using shift+del key), Recover Outlook is preferable application. It made whole process very easy and automated.

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  30. Souman says:

    Here you can restore all your OST files easily.

  31. Sally says:

    I do not have a recover deleted items in my tools!!

  32. ku says:

    Does Not work if you are not running an MS exchange server.

  33. alberyherry says:

    For complete conversion process of your orphaned PST data use multi featured Outlook repair software. It is an appropriate solution to manage PST file database as well as restore PST mailbox items into PST, EML, MSG and HTML etc.

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  34. SAI KRISHNA says:


  35. Robert says:

    I wot old gmail out loock 2007 back pless thack you

  36. Robert btown says:

    I do not new gmail I wot the old gmail out loock 2007 to day pless thack to day

  37. Gavnik says:


    MS Outlook automatically store email message into draft folder. You can first go to the Deleted Items folder and search for your drafted email. In case if your draft mail is unavailable in the deleted folder then you can try Outlook Recovery Toolbox and see the preview of recovered emails.

  38. AlisaAlly says:

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  39. cecily says:

    I do not have the "recover deleted items"

    "Alt t t" only opens the tools drop down.

    Help please – i really need to recover an email

  40. sulabh dixit says:

    its very helpfull..

    thank you so much 🙂

  41. sayed says:

    Thanks for this information, I am general IT support for a SME company and get loads of request regarding deleted emails in Outlook.

    Thanks for the informative post!Good Luck.

  42. harryfliontop says:

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  43. Krish Lopez says:

    It's really very informative solution to recover deleted emails, you can get some more useful information about Outlook Recovery from here

  44. Henry Davidson says:

    If you have hard deleted emails from your Outlook then don’t worry as you can still recover them by following steps given here . So, just go through the precise steps elaborated here and get a solution for restoring permanent deleted emails.

  45. avanish says:

    i'm delete a mail in outlook 2007 but he is not delete show red mark and proper not delete so please help me

  46. Katy Shawn says:

    If you want to recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook 2007 then you can use this tool to restore hard deleted emails from mailbox without losing any of the significant information.

  47. microozemly says:

    With a perfect professional software, you can very easily fix any kind of corruption issues of Outlook. I would like to suggest here such a software named as Outlook Recovery Kit that repair and recovers corrupt emails within seconds.

  48. David Hood says:

    I have the same issue however "Recover deleted items" is not in the tools menu

  49. Praveen says:

    Hi Hilary – Thanks for the information but "Recover Deleted Items" option is not located in my outlook 2007. I had even implemented the following steps to enable the recover service but I am unable to locate "Options" under "Client". Kindly do the needful

    ◾Key for 32-bit Outlook on a 32-bit version of Windows


    ◾Key for 32-bit Outlook on a 64-bit version of Windows


    ◾Key for 64-bit Outlook on a 64-bit version of Windows




  50. Jesper says:

    There is no "Recover Deleted Items" line in my Tools Menu.

    What do you do now?

  51. jonmark14 says:

    Repair and recover all corrupted .ost file data and convert them .pst file format by using Kernel for OST to PST Conversion software. This tool is capable for recover permanently deleted, corrupted and inaccessible .OST and save the recovered data into PST file format with out loss and data. To know more about Kernel Data Recovery software visit here:-

  52. jon says:

    I haven`t the option under the tool menu to recover deleted items.  How do I find this?

  53. arg says:

    I just lost mine  but do not have this  in tools

  54. kareem says:

    I lost my emails folders in outlook2007 while c drive format. plz suggest me to how can I recovery all my lost data.

    Thanking you

  55. shiju says:

    recently i have formatted my laptop and after that again i have configured the new outlook but i couldn't my old do i recover my old emails

  56. Jonathan Lotino says:

    how to retrieve the folder from format details

  57. Jordan says:


    here is email recovery tool that can easily recover deleted emails from OST file

  58. Simon Cortez says:

    Recover inaccessible Ms Outlook Emails data such as contacts, notes, calendars, posts, task requests, appointments, tasks, journals and convert them new workable PST, EML, DBX, MSG, HTML, TXT and MBOX file format using Kernel for OST to PST tool. Download free trial version of this tool from here:-

  59. Douglas D. Manz says:

    This is brilliant feature of Outlook! However, I don't think you can recover all your deleted email using the way listed above, specially if deleted emails are months old. But using an ost file I can recover all my deleted emails as well as other mail items. I've copy of the tool ( to recover deleted items in Outlook 2007, as I am unable to find 'recover deleted items' in my Outlook.

    Do I need to enable this option from Outlook setting? Please suggest..

  60. Mario says:

    We don't have the outlook option "recover deleted items"

  61. Karthick says:

    there is no option "Recover Deleted Items….

  62. Dimitris says:

    I do not have the "recover delete items" in the drop down window

  63. admoini says:

    The organization is a renowned data recovery and data conversion brand, working from over a decade. PST Recovery is a recovery software designed for recovery of data from corrupt PST file.…/pst-recovery

  64. Rihard says:

    RecoveryFix for Outlook PST repair tool provides the effective way to restores permanently deleted email from Outlook PST file. It easily works with Outlook versions 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 and 98. Read more

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