Challenge: Technical Books Discounts for Technical Moms

My challenge to you:  What discounts can you offer for technical moms on Mother’s Day to tell the Women in Tech Story?

On Thursday I had a fantastic interaction on Twitter with Tim O’Reilly, co-author of the upcoming Twitter Book, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media.  Let me tell you my story …

I’m a developer, a technical evangelist, and the pregnant mommy of a toddler.  I started out the day writing a how-to article today and glanced at my email.  I saw a flood of Mother’s Day discount deals for any number of non-technical products. 


I’m pretty girly.  I love beauty products and yoga as much as the next gal, but I also love to read and learn new things.  Specifically, I like to learn new technical things.  I subscribe to any number of technical resources … none of which offered me any discounts targeted at mother’s day.  I thought it would be a great idea to support women interested in technology through a mother’s day discount.

So, I posted to my twitter account to ask the question on my mind:



What better way to tell women in tech story, then to offer discounts on technical books?  The Anita Borg Institute picked up on the idea and passed it along to Tim O’Reilly who responded in no time flat.


Thursday afternoon I found myself discussing the idea with the O’Reilly Website team to see what they can put together.

It’s short notice, with mother’s day 10 days away but the idea is out there even if it doesn’t come to fruition until next year.  Are you telling the women in tech story with your marketing?

Thanks to Tim O’Reilly who is a big supporter of women in tech personally and through O’Reilly media as witnessed by his touching Ada Lovelace Day Post about the many wonderful women in tech at O’Reilly and Make Magazine’s Ada Lovelace Day Post.

My challenge to you:  What discounts can you offer for technical moms on Mother’s Day to tell the Women in Tech Story? 

Is there a woman in your life looking to start a new career or play with a new technology?  Take advantage of this day to think outside the box for mother’s day on May 10!

My friend Christine had two admirers when we were in college.  For Valentine’s Day, one gave her roses and the other 256 M RAM.  Her comment:  "Roses die quickly but the second guy knows me well." 

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  1. In just 24 hours, O’Reilly responds to my tweet for a mother’s day discounts on technical books ! 

  2. O’Reilly is collecting pictures of Technical Moms for their O’Reilly Mother’s Day Page and discount. 

  3. Ann Navarro says:

    Not all technical women are or can be "mommies" – no further divisiveness is really needed, is it?

  4. HilaryPike says:

    Agreed and not everyone wants to become a mom who can.  The idea is to celebrate all moms on mother’s day and witness that there are technical mommies, but certainly not to exclude women or men (dads or not).

  5. and she’s technical she’d love a book bought w a discount. So you have that option too. And if your mom isn’t technical you can buy her chocolates or whatever else she likes. Unless we are going to declare the concept of Mother’s day (and Father’s day) divisive period then hey why NOT discounts on technical books. Of course I will now be expect to see a Father’s Day discount for technical books in June, thanks! My husband and I can gift each other in our respective months. And maybe O’Reilly can give everyone a discount on their birthday too if you are willing to share that useful data point with them.

  6. BJ Wishinsky says:

    I’m so excited that Tim O’Reilly took Hilary up on her challenge! The 40% discount is good through the end of May using the code MDAYT at And to help tell the Women in Tech story they’re also collecting photos of technical moms with their O’Reilly books for their website. Send your photo to press at oreilly dot com.

  7. Pictures of technical moms with their pictures are starting to arrive!  Check them out at:

  8. Thanks, Hillary! What a great idea, book discounts in honor of tekkie Moms!

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