What is iGive?
The iGive campaigns are a way for Microsoft to “give back” to the communities that we live in and serve.  It is part of the overall corporate citizenship pillar of key initiatives that we all embrace as part of our work at Microsoft. Every donor receives an iGive shirt.  iGive is a program run at many conferences including Mix 2008, Grace Hopper 2008 and the upcoming Microsoft Professional Developers Conference.

YWCA http://ywca.org

The iGive program supports the YWCA by raising money and helping raise awareness about their mission to eliminate racism and empower women. The YWCA makes a difference in many communities by providing safe places for women and girls, building strong women leaders, and advocating for women's rights and civil rights in Congress.


Where will the iGive YWCA campaign take place?
The dual conference launch of the iGive campaign in both Las Vegas & New York during March 2008 (in honor of National Women’s History Month) collected over 150 individual donations, and raised over $1400 from attendees at MIX and the Financial Services Developer Conference. The YWCA campaign will continue to run during the month of October and will be promoted at both Grace Hopper Conference and Professional Developers Conference.

What makes the iGive shirt so special (why would I want one)?
It’s Microsoft like you have never seen it! The front of shirt has real Swarovski crystal gems forming the special iGive formula for the charity of choice. Celebrate diversity for yourself or a special female in your life. These shirts are limited edition, so be the first to collect each in the series!

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  1. I just returned from my first GHC conference, held this year in Keystone, CO. This is an annual conference

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