Small Basic

Small Basic was recently announced to the world as part of the Dev Labs project, by S. Somasegar.  Inspired by BASIC, it’s a great way to start programming.  I’m hoping we’ll have some coverage for our Digigirlz events this year, where we often have beginner programmers in attendance.  Check out the following links: Dev Labs…


Windows Azure

Today at the PDC, Ray Ozzie announced our cloud computing platform (called Windows Azure).  Using the platform, developers will be able to build .NET-based applications in the cloud using our data centers.  This kicks of a new revolution in how applications are developed and deployed. Overview:  What do you think?


Welcome Back Springboard Blog!

Welcome Back!  If you visited the blog lately ( and @SpringboardBlog)  you may have seen a redirection to a Springboard Technet Blog.  Stranger still, the RSS posts were still coming out this week although the links to SpringboardBlog were broken.  Apparently, there were some technical oversights when a TechNet and MSDN Blog have the same…


Imagine Cup IT Quiz – This Saturday 6:00pm EDT

Pop-Quiz!  Do you know the answers to questions like these?  Take 30 minutes to participate for the opportunity to win 8,000 USD, Microsoft Press books, A Microsoft Certification training voucher,  and A Microsoft Certification exam voucher.  See the Imagine Cup Website for full details and offerings. Where in Windows Vista will one find the option…


Free Microsoft Learning “Snacks”

Learning Snacks are free, short, interactive presentations about popular topics and have been created by Microsoft Learning experts.  Each Snack is delivered by using innovative Microsoft Silverlight technology and includes various media, such as animations and recorded demos.  Time-strapped?  You can learn something new in less than five minutes!  Try a “snack” today @…


Thirsty Developer Interviews Women in Technology

Our friend Jennifer Marsman (that’s Jen with the mic) was recently interviewed by Dave and Larry from Thirsty Developer.  Along with her Microsoft co-workers Beth Humphreys, , Angela Binkowski and Rachel McKane, Jennifer talks about the role of Women in Technology. They also reference the following:  Jennifer’s Women in Technology Series License to Drive -…


Imagine Cup 2009 Kicks Off

Imagine Cup is Microsoft’s student competition where the most talented software designers, programmers, game developers, and IT students meet head-to-head. Students learn great resumes skills while competing for great prizes like a trip to Boston, free phones for projects using Windows Mobile, a chance for a Microsoft internship, and even $25,000. See the details at…


XAML PowerToys for Silverlight

Tim Heuer added onto the Silverlight Conversation today by pointing out these XAML PowerToys for Silverlight 2.


Silverlight 2 is Now Available

At the stroke of midnight, Silverlight 2 reached the internet.  Here are links to Install Silverlight 2 runtime and to Install the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008, Expression Blend update for Silverlight 2, and Deep Zoom Composer.  Students can develop for Silverlight 2 in the following FREE ways Install Visual Studio 2008 through DreamSpark…