Today is a big day for Springboard!  Hilary’s blog is changing to "Hilary and Diane’s blog."  Now, we’ll both bring topics to help you Springboard toward your career goals. Look forward to even more great content for you to consume.  :-) 

I’m returning from almost 5 months of leave, and had to make a decision on where to blog.  I’m hoping we’ll have a more sustainable blog with two of us, meaning we can keep posts going when one of us is traveling (as we do very often) or on vacation.  So I’ll be spending less time at while blogging here. 

Now for my actual introduction!  I graduated from Ohio State with a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Computer Science.  (I met Hilary there in our second comp sci course.)  I started at Microsoft as an intern on the .NET Framework.  After school, I worked as a Software Design Engineer in Test on. NET Client and later became a Program Manager on Windows Mobile and then Safety Technologies.  As part of my work on the Academic Evangelism team, I focus my efforts on fostering student technology communities, designing and executing programs to bridge the gap between students and technology.  (For the record, Hilary and I do pretty much the same job and report to the same manager.) 

For my first set of posts, I’ll be talking about ramping up on a new job, since I’m pretty much restarting my onboarding experience all over again.  Anything else you’d like to hear about? 

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