Format C# or .NET Code for your Blog or Website

In my last post, Basic Scripts for Windows Server, I posted some code onto my blog.  I found a great website for formating C#, VB, HTML, XML, and Powershell Code.  I also added a gray background to the code by adding a style to the <pre> tag:<PRE style=”BACKGROUND: #dddddd”


Basic Scripts for Windows Server

If you’re new to Windows Server, you may need some help getting started or transitioning from another environment.  Gus Weber pointed me to the TechNet Script Center and some Sample Scripts.  In addition, here are a few commonly used scripts. Adding a User “myerKen” in an Active Directory environment, where the OU = management, in…


On Hold? Hold on to your dignity

Microsoft on hold:  where 80s dance moves hit elevator music and make a splash.  Jon Box clues us in as to how Microsoft employees spend their time on hold. 


Math Add-in for Microsoft Word

It’s always great when your friends find useful nuggets for you.  Alfred Thompson blogs about his experience with the Math Add-in for Microsoft Word:  The Microsoft Math Add-in adds computational and graphing capabilities to the Equation Tools Ribbon of Word 2007.With the Microsoft Math Add-in for Word 2007, you can: Plot a function, equation, or…


Give me 15 mins, I’ll give you 15 hrs: Office 2007 Tips and Tricks

Ribbons aren’t just for Christmas anymore.  Once you transition to Office 2007, you can’t imagine having used another Office product.  With all the top ten gift ideas showing up everywhere, it seemed only appropriate to wrap my top ten favorite features of Office 2007 into a screen cast.  You can also view the individual features…


Penpal++? ClustrMaps are not your mother’s penpal

When I was in school we used to have penpals.  Our class signed up with a class from elsewhere in the US or elsewhere in the world and the students were put into pairs.  We wrote to our penpals and they wrote to us.  You felt “connected” to some remote location that you could only…


MSDN How To Videos

MSDN has started a new How-To video series containing 10-15 minute blurbs on how to do different tasks.  This is looking like a GREAT resource and I can’t believe I just discovered it.  The repertoire is expanding rapidly, but currently includes:  ASP.NET ASP.NET Ajax Devices Native Coding Silverlight Visual Basic Visual Studio Visual Studio Tools for…


Silverlight Streaming on Your Blog

I’m a beginner to webcasting, video creation, and streaming.  I spent a week in Dallas at a Silverlight training and we discussed how to start using Silverlight on your blog.  John Mullinax pointed me to a great blog entry on how to plug-in Silverlight using Expression Encoder and Silverlight Streaming.  Expression Encoder may be available at…