Nicknames and online presence

I wanted to start blogging.  This sounds like an easy prospect, however, there are SO many blogs and I wanted to create something interesting … not another write-only place on the internet.  I decided to create an online persona through Springboard.  Why this approach? I knew I wasn’t cool enough to get a ‘Dev’ nickname like The Dev Theologian,…


Blue Monster

I went to a Silverlight Training this week with some other Microsoft evangelists.  I was lucky enough to take the course with Joe Healy whose Silverlight knowledge far surpasses my own.  In addition to Silverlight help, Joe introduced me to the Blue Monster.  When I searched for Blue Monster I came first to this article which…


Simple Installer using Visual Studio 2005

Martin Schray walks through creating an installer for the Delayed Startup Application using Visual Studio 2005.  This is remarkable easy compared to using InstallShield!Video: Delayed Startup Setup Project  


Your way, Your play, XNA: Modify a 2D Game in 10 minutes

Introduction to Gaming:  Modify your first 2D Game using XNA Games Studio Express.   I walk you through some of the key gaming concepts and then add in Collision Detection and Score Keeping to the game.   Resources: –      Original 2D Project –      XNA Creators Club –      XNA Team Blog –      TorqueX (Drag & Drop…


IEEE Offers Free Software to Student Members

Gain Access to Free Development Software from Microsoft: IEEE Computer Society Student Members   All student members who join the IEEE Computer Society will automatically be eligible to select and download software from Microsoft. Available software includes Vista Business Edition, Visual Studio Team System, Expression Web Designer, Project 2007, Visio 2007 and Windows Server 2003….