How to create a DNS less linked server in Access to SQL Server.

  Sometimes you may want to use Access as a front end for SQL Server. When doing this you typically have linked tables to the SQL Server and you have the .mdb on a shared drive for users to access.   Normally you create a DSN and use that for the linked server. All works…


Getting metadata about dataset using lambda. Some examples.

  This may not be a massive business requirement, but if you have a bunch of DataSets and you want (for some reason) extract information about them then using Lambda and LINQ queries is one way to do it. I will let the code below speak for itself.   Sample code for meta data collection…


How a proper physical TCP/IP connection to SQL Server works. Network Monitor

  Not about a problem today, today will be about what a successful physical connection from client to SQL Server looks like in Network Monitor.   First download Network Monitor (currently version 3.3): “Microsoft Network Monitor 3.3”   . Install it on the client machine and on the SQL Server machine. . Start it….