Sample Source Code for Speech Developers Part 2 and SAPI 5.4

Developers interested in using speech technologies in their applications have been downloading the Windows SDK, but not everyone has been able to find our sample code after installation. If you’ve installed the latest Windows SDK, you’ll find the speech samples under “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0\Samples\winui\speech”. Of course, if you didn’t use the default installation location or your root drive isn’t C: you’ll need to adjust for that.


Note that the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 supports SAPI 5.4. The 5.4 version of the Speech API is largely the same as 5.3, but to see what‘s new go to the Speech Technologies node on MSDN and follow the SAPI 5.4 link.

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  1. lauramb says:

    One step closer to becoming the speech developer I've always wanted to be. Your post really norrowed down what developer resources I needed to acquire. I'm ready to install the Windows 7 SDK. I've never worked directly with a server before, so I'm treading lightly about installing one on my current Windows 7 laptop. Any recommendations?

  2. sharmauiuc says:

    We are evaluating into looking at using MS speech recognition vs DNS  I am looking for white papers in terms of technology. Will you please point me to resources that we can use

  3. Incubbus says:

    I did install the SDK, but there is no such samples folder… I already encountered this problem on VS2008…

  4. Matt H says:

    @Incubbus: When I installed the Windows SDK, not the SAPI SDK, I had to select to install the samples. I don't believe they were installed by default.


    I'm trying to find information on programatic control of user speech profiles, anyone have an example or even a decent article about this?

  5. Chamindasomathilaka says:

    I'm trying to deploy an application component (windows service) on to a windows Server 2008. I developed this windows service on my Windows 7 Desktop and it is working as expected on my machine. But when I try to run it on the windows server it gives me an error  "No recognizer of the required ID found." (and "No recognizer is installed.").

    I tried many things like copying C:windowsspeech and C:windowsSystem32speech from windows 7 to server 2008 and importing HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftSpeech and HKCUSoftwareMiscrofotSpeech without any luck.

    What my application does is,

         SpeechRecognitionEngine _speechRecognitionEngine = new SpeechRecognitionEngine(Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture);

          DictationGrammar dictationGrammar = new DictationGrammar();

          dictationGrammar.Enabled = true;


    Can someone help me here.

  6. says:

    Hi  sharmauiuc,

    Here is a link for the White Papers you are looking for for the SAPI 5.4:…/ee431803(v=VS.85).aspx

    SAPI 5.3:…/ms723627(v=VS.85).aspx

    but better begin at:…/ee721044.aspx

  7. Joe Page says:

    How come the windows sdk only has code examples in C++ and C charp…no

  8. Samuel says:

    I am interested in writing a speech app for windows, so imagine my excitement when I discovered SAPI after quick google search! But then I start digging further and it seems to be a dying world. Is Microsoft not putting anything behind this technology any longer? I noticed here on this speech blog that the last post says "Over 2 years ago." Anyway, I have poked around at the SDK and I love it for my purposes. Thank you all and I hope to hear more chatter around here! 🙂

  9. Kiran Randhawa says:

    Joe because visual basic is a crappy language. It was never intended to be a programming language and it totally sucks. Try learning c# if you can. It's quicker and more powerful and has so much extensibility.

  10. Amal the new bie says:

    I try to developpe my own simple app but dosen't work can somehelp

  11. Bertrand says:

    Kiran, you cannot decently say than visual basic is a crappy language. it has been so effective than even 15 years after beeing no more supported by MS, it is still widely used on earth and more specifically by engineer with a high education level. Up to now no language have been able to replace it.

  12. Archangel says:

    Bertrand, I can only presume you mean VB6 which is not even supported or operating correctly on 64 bit machines – as for, it still ends up as C# does regarding MSIL but has less powerful constructs and less standardised syntax (C# is on a par with Java or C or C++).

  13. Reality Controls says:

    Samples are in the ISO file, downloaded from here:…/confirmation.aspx

    H:SetupWinSDKSamples contains the speech examples in "winui". Use the MSI to install it and they will show up in:

    C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindowsv7.1Sampleswinui

    Examples are apparently consistent through SAPI 5.4

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