Use Tellme Studio to create voice applications

Tobin Coziahr, from Tellme, has been kind enough to write a post describing how you can use the Tellme VoiceXML studio environment to build prototype voice applications. Thanks Tobin!




Tellme, a Microsoft subsidiary, has a fully featured VoiceXML studio environment that allows anyone to learn how to make voice applications powered by the Tellme platform, for free.


Head over to the getting started section to hear examples of functioning voice applications, and try out the VoiceXML scratchpad, which allows you to write your own VXML, and then immediately call an access number and try it out.  There’s a great code library for you to look at tutorials and sample code, as well. 


There’s even a Visual Studio 2008 plugin that gives you a powerful GUI interface to design and develop voice applications using Microsoft’s Visual Studio Domain Specific Language toolkit.


Sign up for a Tellme Studio account today!


Tobin Coziahr

Senior Software Design Engineer

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