WA State Deploys Microsoft Audio Indexing Solution

I just posted this over on my blog, but I thought it was cool enough to put directly on the Speech team blog as well. — It’s official. Microsoft’s audio indexing solution (born out of Microsoft Research) is now online as a part of a Washington State pilot program aimed at making audio recordings from…


Sample Source Code for Speech Developers

If you are a software developer wanting to incorporate speech recognition and voice output into your application, we have sample source code that can get you started.  We have samples for the native Speech API (SAPI) and the managed System.Speech namespace (Recognition and Synthesis). The samples are part of the Windows SDK and the most…


Windows Speech Recognition Macros is now available!!

I’m very pleased to announce that first Technical Preview of Windows Speech Recognition Macros is now available for immediate download on downloads.microsoft.com. The Windows Speech Recognition Macros tool (aka WSRMacros) extends the usefulness of the speech recognition capabilities already included in Windows Vista. Users can now create powerful macros that are triggered by spoken commands….