Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.5 now available!

Spec Explorer 2010, Release 3.5 Now Available!

Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.5

Hello!  We are delighted to announce the newest version of Spec Explorer 2010, Release 3.5.

Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.5 contains new features, improved documentation, plus over 60 bug fixes. It runs on the Visual Studio 2010 Professional level product and above.

What’s New in Spec Explorer?

This release contains new / enhanced features including:

· Model change detecting:

The model change detecting feature detects all model changes and decides if Spec Explorer needs to re-explore the model. For specific machines, if Spec Explorer detects any change in the model code, cord script files, or other inputs, or detects a tool version change, Spec Explorer will start a new exploration; otherwise, Spec Explorer will use existing exploration result files for current exploration viewing, test code generation, and user customized post processing. The UI has been updated to allow you to force Spec Explorer to re-explore the machines.

· Multiple machine processing:

Now you can select multiple machines in Exploration Manager and explore, generate test code, or perform post processing tasks on them. For multiple machine processing, Spec Explorer generates a summary including all information of the batch-processing.

· Cord context menu:

Spec Explorer adds a new context menu item “Go To Definition” in the Cord editor, which enables users to navigate to specific configurations and machines. This is part of an ongoing effort to improve the Cord editing user experience and the general integration of the tool with Visual Studio.

Where can you get it?

  • The Spec Explorer download can be found on the Spec Explorer home page on Visual Studio Gallery.
  • See the on-line Release Notes for the latest, more detailed description of installation requirements, major features, bug fixes and known issues. Further information can also be found on The Spec Explorer Forum, The Spec Explorer Team Blog, and the latest Spec Explorer Help Documentation is always available in the MSDN library.
  • Please note that Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.5 runs only on Visual Studio 2010. The 90 day trial version of Visual Studio 2010 can be found at here.

We hope you enjoy this release and look forward to hearing feedback from the Spec Explorer community.

The Spec Explorer Team

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