Spec Explorer 2010, Release 3.2 Now Available!

Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.2

Hello!  We are delighted to announce the newest version of Spec Explorer 2010, Release 3.2.

Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.2 contains new and enhanced features, improved documentation, plus over 110 bug fixes. It runs on the Visual Studio 2010 Professional level product and above.

What’s New in Spec Explorer?

This release also contains new features including:

  • New Model Wizard: The new Model Wizard conveniently consolidates solution and project creation by unifying the previously separate Spec Explorer Model Project and Spec Explorer Base Solution templates.

  • Choice API: The new Choice feature has been added to assist support where the System Under Test may provide one of several compliant responses to a single action. While Spec Explorer previously supported such non-determinism the new feature makes it simpler to model.

  • SpecExplorer.exe: The automation version of Spec Explorer has been updated to support the newest standard format for exploration results and to provide better automation support for custom-written post processor extensions.

  • Improved Documentation: While continuing to improve the overall quality of the Spec Explorer documentation the description of the Cord Scripting Language has been extensively revised in particular, and every page of the documentation now has a version header to clearly indicate the version of Spec Explorer that the documentation describes.

Where can you get it?

  • The Spec Explorer downloads can be found on the Spec Explorer home page on DevLabs.

  • See the on-line Release Notes for the latest, more detailed description of installation requirements, major features, bug fixes and known issues. Further information can also be found on The Spec Explorer Forum, The Spec Explorer Team Blog, and the latest Spec Explorer Help Documentation is always available in the MSDN library.

  • Please note that Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.2 now runs only on the released version of Visual Studio 2010. It does not work with Beta 1 or 2 or the Release Candidate versions of Visual Studio 2010, nor with Visual Studio 2008. The 90 day trial version of Visual Studio 2010 can be found at here.

We hope you enjoy this release and look forward to hearing feedback from the Spec Explorer community.

The Spec Explorer Team

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