Effective Model-Based Testing with Spec Explorer Full Class

The full video series for the modeling class is available on Channel 9! It’s the recording of a two-half-day course Wolfgang and I gave on the Microsoft Redmond campus.

The training is long (about 8 hours), but we have split it for your viewing convenience into 4 lectures (sessions). Each session has in turn 4 parts.


Caveat: The quality of the screen captures makes them hard to read. These videos will be replaced with new ones recorded with a better quality in the future. Please, forgive any inconvenience this might cause you.

Comments (3)

  1. Susan Llewellyn says:

    The sessions are excellent. It's changed so much in the past few years!

    Is there a way to see the PowerPoint presentations for these session separately?


  2. SpecExplorer_DH says:

    I agree with Susan. That would be easier to review all the concepts without having to watch/browse all the videos each time.

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Ashok says:


    i am interested to do work on spec explorer additional feature that is UML extension for spec explorer instead of using cord generation,i want to use a UML sequencial model so that generation of test cases is done on the basis of uml model that is created.So i have one doubt that i have seen an ATM sample which is in built in uml extension.But one thing iam not getting is how the code is generated for adapter and mockup ,cord files in the ATM project whether it has to done manually or  automatically ?

    So if anyone knows answer please do inform me either by reply to this or please send the response to my mailid as mentioned "ashokkumar1531@gmail.com"

    Then i will be greatful to you if anyone sends me the reply ,it will benefits a lot to my project

    Thanks and regards


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