The Spec Explorer Story on WG’s Logbook

I posted a personal account of the history of Spec Explorer on my blog: how it is related to AsmL, Spec#, NModel, etc. Take a look if you are interested.


What is Model-Based Testing?

I know there are people out there who found out about Spec Explorer 2010 as a great testing tool, but are wondering what all that "Model-Based Testing" buzz is about. If you are in this group, this post should be a good place to start. Of course, you can also search the Web for Model-Based…

Welcome to the Spec Explorer Team Blog!

Spec Explorer is a Model-Based Testing tool from Microsoft. It extends the Visual Studio integrated environment with the ability to define a model describing the expected behavior of a software system. Using this model you can generate tests automatically for execution within Visual Studio’s own testing framework, or many other unit test frameworks. You write…