Microsoft Speech Platform 11.0

Microsoft Speech Platform has upgraded to Version 11.0.  It includes many improvements on SR and TTS engines in the past year.  There is a MSDN web page for more detail information about the speech platform In particular, for TTS, there is a new voice “ZiraPro” for en-US.  

FAQ about The Server Speech Platform

This post will talk about some frequent questions when using TTS functionality in Microsoft Server Speech Platform.  I will keep it updated as new questions come up. For the detailed usage of the API, please go to MSDN.  ·     Why SpeechSynthesizer Speak doesn’t produce sound on my sound card? Currently the server voice doesn’t speak…


Microsoft Server Speech Platform 10.1 Released (SR and TTS in 26 languages)

Want to build your speech application with speech recognitions and synthesis? Install the package below, you can now use SR and TTS in 26 language easily.  For the Runtime, please download the Microsoft Speech Platform – Server Runtime 10.1 For Language Packs, please download the Microsoft Speech Platform – Server Runtime Languages 10.1 For the Software…