Programming with latest MS TTS engines

We released 12 TTS voices in 12 languages with UCMA SDK (also called as Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 SDK) .  The Microsoft speech engines bundled with the API support twelve different languages, including English (North America, United Kingdom), French (France, Canada), German, American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified and…


MSDN Speech Launched

MSDN Speech portal is online now. From here you can get access to latest Microsoft Speech technologies including Speech API, Speech recognition and Text to speech etc. Come on and try the newest Speech product. I will post some tutorials about using the latest TTS engines released with UCMA SDK. Stay tuned.    …


Tellme deploys Zira voice with MS TTS technology

Tellme today announces that it has deployed a female voice called Zira on their platform, the largest VXML voice platform. The Zira voice is driven by recent MS TTS technology. Tellme customers now can access Zira voice in their applications. If you are interested in how it sounds, just listen to the clip here.


Text to speech feedback

Dear reader, If you have any suggestion or feedback when using MS TTS on Vista or Windows 7 or TTS APIs, this blog is a place you can post your comments about: 1. issues you find when using TTS in current products 2. suggestions you have in mind that you want in next version of…


Hello world to TTS (2)

In this post, I will show you how to use TTS with the managed Speech API (System.Speech.dll) in C#.  This API is introduced since Windows Vista. It supports the tranditional SAPI engines and SSML The steps are as below.  1. create a console C# application.  2. add referrence to System.Speech.dll.  3. input the sample code below:   using…


Hello world to TTS (1)

In this post, I will show you how easily you can make your first TTS application with C#. This example will use the COM interop to call SAPI functionality because SAPI has implemented a number of automation objects that can be directly used in C# or any other .Net languages. Suppose you have Windows Vista…


Try Windows 7

Windows 7 beta is ready to test drive now. I have installed it on two of my computers. So far, I feel good about it.  And I am trying to install it on my home computer. If you want to use TTS,  the TTS voice inside the beta version is the “Microsoft Anna”. You…


Time to learn silverlight

Sliverlight is becoming wider adoption than years before.  I have been viewing showcases on the sliverlight website today. In general, the UI looks rich and flexible by using this technology. Some sites I have tried: Renlifang:  from MSRA Games: And It also opens new opportunity for ISV to create Sliverlight UI control. So…


TTS introduction

TTS means “Text to speech” which is  the technology to let computer speak to you. In short, you can input the text to computer, then a computer algorithm (so called TTS engine) will analyze the text, determine the pronunciation, synthesize the sound with some mathematical models. The output of a TTS engine is usually kind…


Dragon book

I should have read this book when I prepared my entrance test for master degree. It is a really good book about compiler design. But it was about 8 years agao, I have forgotten the details in the book. 🙁 En, I plan to add it into my computer book collection. China-pub: Amazon:…